A survival guide for local economies
In a global economic structure.

dollar2Real Life Economics and the search for the establishment of a new Real Economy out of the ashes of an old, dying and dysfunctional system.
Real Economy is the result of several years of looking at two economic extremes. The global economics of Gatt, Nafta, EU, WTO, World Bank and the global Central Banking system. The general workings of stock markets and their proliferation with emerging economies. The pondering of the true nature of money and wealth and the true costs of things. The true price of consumerism backed by credit on the environment, social and political systems of the world. This constituted one area of macro thought and research.

The second focus involves a more micro concern for the economies of small communities in this age of globalization. It is said that the vast majority of jobs and economic growth come from our nation's (and world's) small businesses. Yet in the economic structures we have created they are the first to suffer from the shifting economic tides created from the top and out of the control of those affected the most.

The solution to the next evolution of the world will be driven by the resurrection of the global economic infrastructure. The Internet has brought us the tool to propagate the information and knowledge to do this. But there is one underlying problem... finding and implementing ethical leadership at every level of development.

To this end three separate projects are in the process of being established and then interconnected to create a whole vision.

As of this writing this is 12-29-2008. The world is moving fast at that time & I have mothballed my Community Website project for reasons which will all become apperent in the future.

Now, lets fast forward into current day future. To this date(7-25-2014). Just for fun note the community calendar reference on the main page in 2008. This will back into the incredible corruption of our city & the LTAC mafia in current time. Ironically 2008 was also Barry Peters (city community relations commity) LTAC. It would supersed a previous corrupt one in the 90's. Many time at City council meeting (in my 3 minutes). I am working on a history part of the "Real Government" project called the "Three Minute Government" and what we get for our money. In the end the story of one community can translate into all. Bainbridge Island is the rule, not the exception. The power to impliment a new paradime for change will be in a 22 year old story.

  • REALECONOMY.NET - To bring forth the ideas and tools to create a new and better economic infrastructure to rebuild the nation and the world on a new paradigm.

  • REALGOVERNMENT.ORG - It is now painfully obvious to everyone how easy it was to dispose of economic safeguards and oversight by our government until all collapses -- we then rework what was disposed of to repair the damage after the fact. It is a cycle we have repeated over and over in history. It is an incredible failure of our leadership systems and why a new form (and/or a repair of the old form) of governance must emerge at this time. Which gets us to the final and most important element in the process...

  • DIOGENESAWARD.ORG - The whole world down to the smallest organization is suffering the consequences of the lack of ethical people in leadership positions. The greatest need and the rarest element in the world of business and government today is leadership with a strong sense of ethics. Leaders are needed who are not only willing to talk of it but to put it into practice and create a culture of ethics in all they do. Lack of such leaders is the weakest link in what needs to be accomplished.

    There is an almost two decade documented story of attempting to implement new economic opportunities (economic engines), better government techniques and new communications infrastructures into one small community. Based on statistics from the success of other like projects and proliferation of government waste it could easily account for fifty to over 100 million dollars of annual savings from waste and income to this community and surrounding region. The determining factor was lack of ethical leadership to implement the windows of innovation, entrepreneurialism and creativity that were presented over time.

    To this end a solution is proposed by the creation of an Internet project called the Diogenes Award. It will seek out and give global credit to those in leadership of both government and business for their ethical conduct and actions. For whatever innovations and tools created by Real Government and Real Economy they will be but moot points without the ethical leadership to bring them into practice in the world and help those in our communities who will help bring us out of the current collapse.

    Amoung other things, this project will attempt to set an ethical standard for all communities. Whither business, government or social communities. Too reference for the benifit of those they serve including: customers, shareholders, stakeholders and the people of this nation and the world.

    Thus will be the foundation for a new, Real Economy.

A little history

Starting in the collapse of the stock market in 2008, world change accelerated and we are living through the greatest shift in global wealth and power in the history of this planet. How we survive this will be the difference between the old paradigms that brought us to this place in time and the new Real Economy we will create.

For those who study cyclics, we have turned a long and important time line where global influences (money & power) will shift from the West to the East. How this plays out will determine the direction of this planet for a very long time to come.

My name is Dave Henry. I began a life in media, technology and marketing with a side of social development when I was a softmore in high school doing local public television productions for a cable company. That was 44 years ago. In the mid eighties I and a business partner were working on an innovative new portable building system for use in the Antarctic with the National Science Foundation (the successful end result of that effort is here and I share the patent on the invention) when the NSF was charged with bringing the military version of the internet out into the scientific community and eventually the world. I had previously done telemetry work for the Corp of Engineers and CalTrans. Sending zeros and ones over phone lines. When I saw what would someday be the Internet and with my media history I knew that was where I would be for the rest of my life and it would be a platform upon which I and others would create great things.

In 1992 a project launched which would today be called social entrepreneurialism to use the Internet to help enhance the social, economic and government elements of one small community as a prototype for a nation (one of the first community web sites in the nation). It had several advantages:

  • It was geographically isolated.
  • It had some very intelligent people.
  • It had a resident congressman, State Legislator and State Senator.
  • It was rural but connected to a major metropolitan area (Seattle)
  • It was transitioning from a partially locally based economy (blue collar) to a commuter based economy (white collar)
  • It was well on it's way to becoming a retirement community for wealthy people.

In essence this community made a good petri dish for the future evolution of the Nation using the communications provided by the Internet (whose value is now well proven).

When presented with a great opportunity to not only evolve as a community, socially and economically but as a model for a nation... after 20 years the project is currently mothballed. It failed in part to achieve it's goal of expediting the social and economic development of the community. It is a tremendous success in the acquisition of the knowledge over two decades of time of what works and what doesn't in this venue and why. This community is Bainbridge Island, Washington.

"It is this knowledge of community connectivity that can change the world. The internet has given us the technological tools, but it is the knowledge of how to use the technology effectively that is the holy grail." - David Henry.
Kitsap EDC meeting, 1998.

It is the value of this story that now has great significants at this current place in time. Because what happened in the last 20 years of this community is the story of what has killed this nation: Corruption, cronyism, unethical people in leadership, greed and thirst for power and control of something new that has great value. Being an isolated community just makes it easier to view and define the problems and hopefully with this knowledge, create the solution for our collective future as a nation.